About Us

In 2017, the devastating Tubbs wildfire left Pauline & Zachery with nothing but an angel statue on what used to be their front porch.  In the process of rebuilding, and redecorating, Pauline realized the home products she desired were few and far between. When she did find something desirable, the price point was either outrageous or the material was very cheap. Maria, Pauline's mother, is an experienced seamstress, and Andrew, Pauline's father, has been a woodworker most of his life. They began making items for their daughter's new home, and V O I L A - Peyton Kane Home. All items are priced affordably and are made of extremely high-quality materials. The business is now "all-in-the-family" and includes Pauline's husband Zachery, and her sister, Eva. Every item you purchase from Peyton Kane Home comes from our family, straight to you. We hope you enjoy your purchase as much as we enjoy making it.